Erasmus Darwin's house in Cathedral Close.

The Erasmus Darwin House has been open to visitors since Spring 1999 and is accommodated in the recently restored Georgian house of Erasmus Darwin. The house itself is located within the grounds of Lichfield Cathedral providing an idyllic setting to a visit.

Sir John Floyer, an advocate of cold baths and inventor of the pulse watch was also a native of this town.

WEDNESFIELD, Nr Wolverhampton.

There are about 500 antiquarian medical books in the South Staffordshire Postgraduate Medical Centre library at New Cross Hospital.


The Staffordshire County Museuem at Shugborough Hall. The museum is housed in the stable block and contains a medical gallery which includes a reconstructed Victorian pharmacy and a surgery, complete with a scrubbed wood operating table. The gallery takes a look at the changing ways illness is treated and prevented.





Britain's first  serial killer, Doctor William Palmer was hanged for the murder outside Stafford Goal in 1856. Thirty five thousand spectators jostled for a view of the grisly spectacle some spending the whole night in pouring rain to secure their place. Palmer is thought to have poisoned at least eleven victims and possibly twice that number. Amongst those who died were two licencees of the Noah's Ark public house, now renamed The Surgery Bar


The Surgery, Crabbery Street