The Dental Hospital Museum at the School of Dental Surgery, Pembroke Place has a collection of historical dental items.

The Liverpool Medical Institute, an impressive building dating from 1837, houses an 18th century library founded by the physicians and surgeons of the Liverpool Infirmary. A printed catalogue (1968) lists a rich collection of works from the 17th century. There are also portraits, instruments and other items of medical and surgical interest.


The Manchester Medical Society was officially founded in 1834 at a meeting held at the York Hotel, Manchester where it was resolved to establish a medical library and reading room though as early as 1781, local medical practitioners had exchanged ideas at meetings held in the rooms of the Literary and Philosophical Society. The Medical Society's library numbers well over 10,000 books. It was later donated to the John Rylands University Library and can be viewed as part of “The Manchester Collection”. The books are housed at the Deansgate site. The collection includes a first edition of De Humani Corporis Fabrica (1543) by Vesalius  and the Aldine edition of Galen’s complete works in Greek (1525). For further information on the Society's archives, contact the Administrator


Greengate Hospital and Open Air School at 123, Greengate was opened in 1875 for children deformed by rickets. The Museum and Art Gallery at Peel Park has a reconstruction of a chemist and druggist's shop formerly in the city and dating from 1865