A small collection of items of medical and pharmaceutical interest are on display in the museum.


The church has monuments to the Harvey family, including a bust of William Harvey (q.v.) carved by Edward Marshall and lovingly restored courtesy of the Royal College of Physicians. Harvey's bones lie within a sarcophagus in the vaults.


Substantial ruins of what was once the 12th century leper hospital of St Giles at Spital Road.  The Grade 1 listed building is said to have been founded by Henry II.


So named from the abundance of Meadow Saffron growing in this area. This plant which flowers in the autumn is the source of colchicine, a powerful drug active against gout. and was reintroduced into the London Pharmacopoeia at the end of the 18th century, having been considered too dangerous a drug to receive official recognition in earlier times. The church has a representation of a meadow saffron carved into a spandrel of an arch in the south aisle.


Memorial to Clopton Havers who is buried here. He gave his name to the Haversian canals of bone. He wrote Osteologia Nova in 1691.


The hall here was once owned by the Chamberlen family who introduced the obstetric forceps to medical practice, keeping them a family secret . Peter Chamberlen (1601-83) was physician ordinary to a succession of English monarchs, namely James I , Charles I and Charles II. In 1818, several midwifery instruments were found in an old chest under the floor. There is a tomb chest to Peter Chamberlen in the churchyard.

"The said Peter Chamberlen toock ye degree of Doctor in Physick, in fever all Universities born att home and abroad and lived such above three score years being physician in ordinary to three Kings and Queens of England. viz. King James & Queen anne; King Charles ye first & Queen Mary; King Charles ye second & Queen Katherine; & also tosome forraine Princes; having travelled most of partes of Europe and speaking most of the languages.
As for his religion he was a Christian keeping ye Commandments of God & faith of Jesus. being baptized about ye year 1648, & keeping ye 7th day for ye saboth above 32 years.
To tell his Learning and his Life to Men: Enough is said by here lyes Chamberlen."