Mr Jeremiah Peirce

Born in1696, Peirce became a Governor of the hospital and remained senior surgeon there until 1761. Little is known of this manís background or how he came to be elected to the original committee at a relatively early age. By 1738, Peirce was well established as a surgeon in Bath. A year before he had reported the case of a patient with a tumour of the knee whose leg he had amputated. This was published by the Royal Society of which Peirce was a fellow. He owned a tiny villa on the end of Lansdown, designed by John Wood and called Lilliput Castle. It has since been extensively enlarged and called Battlefields.

Peirce died in 1765. He has a memorial plaque in St Swithin's Church, Walcot where he is interred along with the painter of the picture, William Hoare.

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